Rock N Roll

“Hey kid, you can’t bring that in here.” Al Rendon was 16, and the camera in his hand belonged to his high school. For Al, the camera was like Jimmy Page’s guitar: part of his body, like breathing. “Somehow, some way, I learned to convince people that I should be able to shoot my photographs. I told the promoter at that Led Zeppelin concert the same thing I would tell hundreds of others like him: ‘I’ll turn you on to all the pictures you want, and if you can arrange it, I’ll shoot you with the band.’ Worked 9 out of 10 times.” Al quickly established a network of radio disk jockeys, impressarios, record reps and band managers. He provided pictures and he shot a host of performances. His camera captured 20 critical years of rock n roll: from 1973 – 1993, rock turned the amps up loud and let it all bang out.
 Robert Plant - Led ZepplinJimmy PageRod StewartSteve Ray VaughnTed NugentMick JaggerElton JohnBonn ScottEric ClaptonDavid CrosbyU-2Judas PriestRobbie Harford - Judas Priest AngusYoung AC-DCCarlos SantanaPeter FramptonGene SimmonsAnn Wilson - HeartBuzz MoxyBilly Gibbons - ZZ TopCheap TrickRick OcasekStixxDef Leppard Sammy HagerEddie Van HalenVan HalenGetty RushAlex LifesonRush DrummerJoe Anthony with RushJoe AnthonyRick Emmet - TriumphJoe AnthonyOzzyRonnie James DioKing DiamondMotly CrueMotly CrueScorpionsUFOPatty SmithJoanJett and the RunawaysRamonesIggy PopWendy WillamsBostonRobin TrowerBootzillaBB KingBo DiddleyMuddy WatersFreddy KingTina TurnerRolling Stones